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Highlights for T Bus Fall 2020

We have important reminders and updates for you regarding Riding the T Bus for the fall 2020 semester.

COVID19 and UT Bus Service

COVID-19 is impacting T Bus riders will notice new safety measures, limited seating capacity, and route changes.


  • NO Route Changes for Accessible Bus Transportation
  • NO Route Change for the Late Nite bus (and yes the route is the same as last year and does serve The Fort)
  • Route changes
    • Neyland Express split into Ag/Hill and NEW Sorority Village Express
    • NO JIAM, ORNL/PSCC, or Fort routes this fall

The significant impact of COVID-19, particularly limitations imposed on passenger capacities due to social distancing requires us to concentrate our T bus services to those areas with the highest demand and needs.

Safety measures

  • Masks and face coverings will be required on the T Link and the T Bus
  • Buses will operate at half seated capacity to encourage social distancing
  • Enhanced cleaning measures will be in place
  • Riders are asked to please follow guidelines posted on signage

Temporary schedule adjustments for the start of the school year

Due to COVID-19 we have some temporary frequency changes for T Bus service.

Daytime service starting Monday, August 17th the amount of time will be adjusted first thing in the morning when ridership is lowest.

Route Scheduled Frequency Temporary Frequency
Ag/Hill Combo 8-10 minutes 7 am-8 am      30 minutes

8 am-9 am      15 minutes

9 am-7 pm      8-10 minutes

Sorority Village Express 6 minutes 7 am-7:45 am   15 minutes

7:45 am-6 pm     6 minutes

Please note – We anticipate this change to be temporary due to the impact of COVID-19 on staffing.



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