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Improperly parked vehicles or those in a restricted area will be towed at the owner’s expense. Towed vehicles may be claimed by contacting Parking & Transportation Services at 865-974-6031 from 8 am to 4 pm (or kickoff – whichever is earlier) to schedule a time to retrieve the vehicle. 

Fall 2024 Football Season

Football Season Ticket Parking Permit holders

  • Parking on the UT Campus has been assigned to Football Donors with Season Ticket Parking Permit Holders. Permits are digital and we strongly encourage guests to download the permit into their Google or Apple wallet BEFORE arriving to campus.

Limited ADA Parking (on the Ag Campus with shuttle)

  • FREE ADA parking for those with a current valid accessible placard or plate will park on the Ag Campus. Parking is limited and is “First Come – First Parked”. (see the blue accessible symbol on the map.)
    • Football Accessible Shuttle
      Ag Campus pick up and drop off will be at the Business Incubator Bldg
      Student Union loading dock entry road will be the drop-off and pick-up near the stadium
    • Due to safety issues, we are unable to drop at Gate 21

On-Campus Football Parking Shuttles

Shuttles from parking lots to stadium area: begin three (3) hours before kickoff

  • Stephenson Dr. Lot 14 – Unload and pick up on Chamique Holdsclaw Drive
  • Ag Campus – Board buses at River Drive across from the CC-4 lot; unload and pick up at Circle Park
  • Kingston Pike Bldg

Returning shuttles from stadium area to parking lots: begin with 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter

City of Knoxville Public Parking Downtown Options for Home Football games (coming soon)

  • Downtown garages – $20 – Main Ave, Dwight Kessel, City County Bldg, and Locust St
  • Downtown – Civic Coliseum Garage & Blackstock Lot – $10
  • Free garages – State Street & Market Square

City of Knoxville Parking Meters are available near campus on Terrace Ave, Lake Ave, White Ave, 16th, 13th, and 19th Sts. Gameday rates of $25 apply for the entire day.

image from WBIR

KAT Service for home football games 

Regular Knoxville Area Transit bus to campus. Multiple bus routes can get guests to Cumberland Ave. The cost is only $2.00 for a day pass, allowing more fans to leave their vehicle at home.

Passenger Playbooks (football service options)  have been created for routes along the following corridors (click on each one for detailed information):

General Public Accessible Parking

Fans with a current valid accessible placard or plate but NO Football Parking Permit will park on the Ag Campus. LIMITED parking is available and is “First Come – First Parked”.

Ag Campus ADA/Accessible Shuttle

UT  Accessible/ADA Shuttle from the parking area at the Business Incubator Building will begin operating three (3) hours before kickoff and drop off at the Student Union loading dock. Benches will be placed near this area for guests returning to the Ag Campus.

Football ADA/Accessible shuttles begin returning from the Student Union loading dock to parking areas with 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

Once our spaces are full, we refer guests to the Knoxville Civic Coliseum for ADA parking. 

Taxis/Uber/Shared Riding

Drop-Off Location – Volunteer Boulevard East in front of the Bailey Education Complex (1122 Volunteer Blvd)

Pick up Location – Circle Drive on The Hill. Vehicles will enter from Cumberland Ave and proceed up the Hill for fans who need to depart. Police will open the ride-share area during the 4th quarter and are limited in the number of vehicles.

Click here for a map of ride-share drop and pick-up locations

RV Parking

On Campus

  • SDMH Permit Holders spaces 1-33 with hook-ups

There is no general public RV parking on the campus

The City of Knoxville Civic Coliseum offers RV parking and pricing varies depending on location:

  • Parking in garage A or B – rates vary depending on amenities needed
    • Weekly Non-Hook spot RV parking (if available)
    • Nightly Non-Hook spot RV parking (if available)

The Civic Coliseum can be reached at 865-215-8900

The KAT bus route 11 is available from the Knoxville Transit Center, across the corner from the Civic Coliseum parking area to campus at a round-trip cost of $2 per person.

Traffic Information

For information on statewide interstate construction, motorists can access the Tennessee Department of Transportation SmartWay website.  For up-to-the-minute traffic information in Knoxville, follow TDOT on Twitter.

Gameday Recycling in parking areas

Please keep our campus and Neyland Stadium clean!

As you go to the game, take all items from your tailgate area and put them in the designated trash or recycling dumpster, or tie up your trash and recycling bags and leave them next to your tailgate area. Make sure your recyclables are empty and clean so they’re free of liquids and food.

Also remember that in Neyland Stadium, take all items from your seating area to the orange recycling and black trash containers on the concourses.

Only these items can be recycled, so recycle right:

  • Empty plastic cups & bottles
  • Empty cans
  • Clean paper
  • Clean cardboard (including empty pizza boxes)

Please put these items in the trash (DO NOT RECYCLE):

  • Glass
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic utensils, bags & wrap
  • Aluminum foil & pans
  • Paper cups, bowls & plates
  • Candy wrappers
  • Disposable gloves & masks
  • Any items with food or liquid

Trash and Recycling Stations are located in 5 parking areas on campus:

  • Lot 9
  • G10T
  • G5/30
  • Stephenson Drive