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Highlights for Commuters Fall 2020

We have important reminders and updates for you regarding commuter parking for the fall 2020 semester.

Full Enforcement begins Wednesday August 19th


An additional more affordable option is available for commuters this year, perimeter parking at 50% of the price of a regular student commuter pass. Three parking areas on the edge of campus have been secured for this year.

  1. PC1 – Church St Methodist at Broadway and Front Sts (NOT C26) 7 am to 5 pm and no parking for special events. No transportation available.
  2. PC2 – University Commons (behind the old Walmart) 7 am to 8 pm and no parking for special events. Bus transportation – KAT Orange Trolley from University Commons through campus.
  3. PC3 – UT Culinary Institute (formerly UT Visitor Center) 7 am to 5 pm and no parking for special events. Bus transportation – Sorority Village Express directly to campus, runs every 6 minutes the majority of the day.

Please note PC permits are valid in any unreserved staff or student lot beginning at 5pm until 3am except on home UT football weekends.


You must display a current VALID parking permit to park at UT 24/7/365. Each year the image changes and for 2020-21 we are featuring Morgan Hill on all permits (this does not imply that you need to park at Morgan Hall!)

Frequently asked questions:

  • When do the various Commuter parking areas fill up?
  • What are the options if i am only on campus once a week?
  • Hang tag has not yet arrived – What do I do?
    • Display your temporary 14-day permit (if still within 14 days from purchase date)
    • Temporary Courtesy Permits for those with current valid permit available from:
      • Circle Park Information Booth near Torchbearer (7 am to 4 pm)
      • Parking & Transit Services at 2121 Stephenson Dr (7:30 am to 4:45 pm)
  • Help – I can’t find a place to park on the AG?
    • Overflow for Ag campus
      • Volunteer Blvd West on-street parking
        • SCN from Andy Holt Ave to Cumberland Ave
        • SC from Andy Holt Ave south to Todd Helton Dr
      • C22 at Volunteer and Todd Helton
      • Perimeter Commuter lots – UT Culinary Institute (formerly Visitor Center) and University Commons. C permits will be honored in the PC lots. BUT PC permits may not park in C lots on campus.


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