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2024 Parking Transformation Initiative

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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Parking Zones for 2024-25

2024-25 Student Parking Rates and When they are on-sale

2024-25 Visitor/Flexible Parking options – Mobile Pay

From building infrastructure to parking strategies to supporting academics and research, the University of Tennessee is creating capacity on campus to accommodate growth, spark innovation, and deliver the Volunteer experience for all students.

UT is preparing to implement significant changes to the operations of parking and transportation on campus to improve parking reliability for all users. These changes prioritize a “park once” approach and reduce competition for parking spaces, promote the use of a robust and expanding transportation network, and provide more predictability for arriving on and moving around campus. The goal of the parking transformation is to improve the on-campus experience for students and staff by reducing competition for parking spaces, providing more predictability in the commute experience, and enhancing transportation options to ensure that arriving and interacting with campus is more efficient.

Parking Zones (Click here for maps)

  • Commuter and non-commuter (residential) students will be able to buy parking permits for specific “zoned” lots under a tiered pricing structure.
  • Zones in the core of campus are more expensive than intermediate and remote lots.
  • All commuting students will have the option to purchase a Park and Ride Permit at a discounted rate of $99.

Tiered Student Parking

  • Student access to parking zones is prioritized by credit hours earned with priority given to upper-level students.
  • Most first-year students will only have the option to purchase remote parking.
  • First-year students living on campus (non-commuters) are encouraged not to bring a car to campus, if possible.

Faculty/Staff Parking

  • Changes to student parking and a reduction in Orange Dots issued will result in lower permit-to-space ratios, easing pressure on faculty and staff parking.
  • Recommendations for faculty and staff parking area assignments will continue to come from departments, colleges, or programs.
  • No parking rate changes for faculty and staff will go into effect until fall 2025, with an expectation for increases every two years after that.
  • All faculty and staff will also have the option to purchase a Park and Ride Permit at a discounted rate of $99.

Technology Upgrades

  • The university is investing in parking technology improvements to provide real-time space availability data, mobile pay technology, and an updated website.
  • Space availability systems are already in place in five campus garages and will be deployed in additional areas over the summer, allowing permit holders to see availability before they arrive on campus.
  • Employees, students, and visitors will be able to complete more transactions remotely, reducing the need to visit the parking office in person.
  • The mobile system will allow for the validation of discounted or complimentary parking, event parking, dynamic pricing, and interdepartmental billing.

Improved Transit Experience

  • UT will add eight buses to its fleet for the 2024-25 academic year, reducing wait times across campus.
  • Dedicated T buses will provide service between Park and Ride lots and Gate 21, operating with an estimated route frequency of 10 minutes.

Flexible Parking Options

  • Adding more than 1,000 mobile-pay, hourly parking spaces throughout campus will provide flexibility to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  • Students, staff, and faculty will have the opportunity to utilize a nearby Park and Ride lot at a discounted rate of $99. That lot will be connected to campus via three T shuttle buses with an estimated route frequency of 10 minutes.
  • Evening permit options will continue to be available if a commuter student is unable to purchase a permit but needs to park on campus after 3 p.m. for evening classes or activities.

Parking Permit Rates

2024-25 Student Parking Permit Rates

Fall and Spring Semesters combined

Permit Category Zone Permit Rate        (Fall and Spring)
Commuter Core $390
Commuter Intermediate $250
Commuter Remote $198
Commuter Park and Ride $99
Non-commuter (signed UT Housing contract only) Core $450
Non-commuter (signed UT Housing contract only) Remote $310
Greek Residential Core $450
Motorcycle – residential no zone $165
Motorcycle – commuter no zone $132
Evening School (after 3 p.m.) no zone $84
  • No parking rate changes for faculty and staff will go into effect until fall 2025, with an expectation for increases every two years after that.

Walk, Bike, Ride

  • You don’t need a car to get around campus. Walking, biking and transit will maximize your campus experience.
  • The T serves campus seven days a week with a fleet of 31 buses, nine fixed routes, and on-demand accessible transportation via the T: Access and T: Link.
  • Bicycles and e-scooters are available for rent on campus.

Park Once

  • If you drive to campus, plan to park once and walk, bike, or ride the T bus to your final destination.