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Ft Sanders street cleaning and painting June 8-9, July 20-21

The City of Knoxville Traffic Engineering Department and Public service Department will clean, paint, and update signage in the Fort Sanders neighborhood June 8-9 will be the North and South streets. The East and West streets will be July 20-21.

S60 Painting and Cleaning of 3 lots May 18-19

Three S60 parking areas cleaned and painted May 18-19

Academic Year Permits Expire May 15, Summer on sale

Student School Year Permits Expire May 15 Summer Student Parking Permits on sale (taking classes or working on campus)

S30 Parking Surface Repairs May 13-17

25 spaces on the west side of Andy Holt Tower will be temporarily closed the week of May 13-17, 2019. The work will be limited to the parking lot only and includes filling cracks and resealing the asphalt parking surface.

2019 Summer Construction/Upgrades/Repairs/Demolition

2019 Summer construction, repairs, and improvements map