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About Permits

Summer 2024 Student Parking Permits on sale Wed, May 1

New staff/faculty parking permits are available for sale ONLY at Parking & Transportation, 2121 Stephenson Dr. 

This page provides the basics about parking at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.
If you need to know specific permit type details, please see the types on the right or scroll to the bottom of the screen on your mobile device.

Vehicle Registration and Permit Parking

All vehicles operated by UT students or employees are required to be registered with Parking and Transportation Services.

Registration improves the security of campus, identifies the operator as affiliated with the university, and provides for more expedient notification in the event of any emergency.  A registration tag is available at no cost, but does not provide campus parking privileges.

Only paid parking permits allow for parking in designated campus lots. Parking permit types and prices will vary. Please refer to our regulations for more information.

Ratio of Permit Sales to Parking Spaces

Parking demand varies greatly by day of week and time of day. Like many college campuses and businesses, we do not have enough a parking space each person. We anticipate parking spaces in many areas will be used 2 or 3 times a day as not everyone is here all day, every day, in most cases.

In order to maximize the parking spaces on campus we have a ratio of the maximum number of permits we can sell (the ratio below) in each category. Please note we have not run out of places to park or reached this maximum number in over 10 years. We do run out of the most convenient parking right next to many buildings, so students, faculty, and staff sometimes need to park further away. Transit buses can provide a link to get to the final destination.

  • Commuter parking is 1.85 permits to 1 space
  • Non-Commuter parking is 1.20 permits to 1 space
  • Faculty/Staff parking is 1.20 permits to 1 space

Transferable Permits

Permits may be used for another vehicle that you drive. Permits are not transferable from person to person. Staff and students who have purchased a transferable parking permit but forget to place it in the vehicle they are driving to campus may obtain a one-day courtesy permit at no charge. Read more about transferability of permits under regulations.

Lost or Stolen Permits

If your permit has been stolen, first contact the UTPD to report the incident. Second, come to Parking and Transportation Services to obtain a replacement permit. The cost for the replacement is $15.00.

If the permit is lost, please request a courtesy permit at the Circle Park Information Booth until you are able to find it. If it is not to be found, then please come to Parking & Transportation Services file the lost form and request a replacement. The cost for another hangtag is $15.00.

Please note: If a lost or stolen permit is found on a campus vehicle, it will be towed and the violator will be charged.

Impounded vehicles may be claimed at Parking and Transportation Services at 2121 Stephenson Drive, M-F, 7:30 am – 4:30 pm. On gamedays, towed vehicles may be claimed by calling 865-974-6031 from 8 am to 4 pm (or kickoff – whichever is earlier) to schedule a time to retrieve the vehicle.

The replacement cost for a lost or mutilated gate control card is $15.00.

RecSports Parking Area


Parking in the RPA is restricted to those utilizing RecSports facilities during regular operating hours.

  • Commuters or staff with a current valid commuter or staff parking permit may park in the RPA lot to use the RecSports facility ONLY
  • Only S20 permit holders may park in those spaces
  • NO parking for academic/for credit class (Class at TRECs are fine)
  • Parking is limited to three hours maximum from 6 am to 5 pm. After 5 pm guests are not limited to three hours AND are required to have a current valid parking permit.
  • Non-commuter permits are NOT valid at any time
  • NO parking in the RPA or the SC (next to it) lots from 3 am to 6 am
  • Parking in the RPA lot is restricted for Special Events (i.e. Football)
    • Signage will indicate when these events occur

NOTE: This lot is heavily monitored to allow for maximum usage for RecSports attendees

Permits and Special Events

Game Day Parking

Commuter and staff lots around campus, especially those closest to Neyland Stadium, Thompson-Boling Arena, and surrounding areas are used for football and basketball parking. These lots may be accessed with a football or basketball permit only. Refer to our maps for more information on designated game day parking lots.

We provide extensive information regarding alternatives to parking on campus, parking for permit holders, and suggestions for staff who are required to work on a game day in our Special Events section.

Football  Basketball  Baseball