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Non-Commuter (Residential) Student Parking Permit

Student Permit Purchase Instructions

Before continuing to purchase a student permit, you will need the following information:

  • NetID and password
  • Credit card or access to MyUTK
  • License plate number
  • License plate registration expiration date
  • Make, model, year, and color of the vehicle(s) you will be driving to campus

SPRING 2024 – ONLY Greek, Evening classes, and Motorcycle permits are available online. ALL other students will purchase their Economy commuter or Economy non-commuter (residential) parking permit online. Regular Commuter and Non-Commuter permits are sold out.

Online permit sales are open year-round. 

Receipt and Temporary Permit – At the end of transaction print the 14 day temporary permit to park in your designated area.

Hang tags are mailed the next business day from the vendor. Permits are not available to pick up in office.

Non-Commuter Permits and Economy Non-commuter permits are SOLD OUT. A waitlist is available.

SPRING 2024 Economy Student Permits and Rates – sold at Parking & Transportation ONLY, 2121 Stephenson Dr

  • Economy Non-Commuter Permit (EN/ENW): $52.50 SOLD OUT

SPRING 2024 Student Permits and Rates 

  • Non-Commuter Permit (N/NW): SOLD OUT

Motorcycle permits are annual permits (partial year permit rates will be adjusted when sold)

  • Non-Commuter Motorcycle (R): $82.50

Academic year parking permits expire May 31, 2024

Requirements, Accessible, After Hours, Limitations, and Enforcement

All vehicles require that you need to:

  • Purchase a Parking Permit – Valid parking permits are required to park on the UT Knoxville campus – 24/7/365 (including nights, weekends, breaks, holidays, and during the summer (parking during the summer requires a summer permit)
  • Temporary or Replacement Parking Permit – If you have newly acquired a vehicle, left it in another vehicle, or misplaced your hangtag; we can provide a temporary permit or issue a replacement for a fee at either:
    • Circle Park Information Booth – near Torchbearer
    • Parking & Transportation Services – 2121 Stephenson Dr (off Neyland and Joan Cronan Way, just across the railroad tracks)
    • Both offices are open Mon – Fri 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Type of Permit Where can I park When can I park VALID Permit Dates
(Must live in UT on-campus housing – dorms and apartments ONLY)
Any N space

22 N parking areas

NOT assigned to a specific garage, lot, or space

24/7 Aug 1 to May 31
Summer Non-Commuter NS Any N space

22 N parking areas

NOT assigned to a specific garage, lot, or space

24/7 May 1 to Aug 15
Economy Non-Commuter
(Must live in UT on-campus housing – dorms and apartments ONLY)
1 valid area – Economy Non-commuter EN at Kingston Pike Bldg at Cumberland Ave 24/7 Aug 1 to May 31
Motorcycle Non-Commuter Any R space 24/7 Aug 1 to Jul 31

Accessible Parking Permits (NA) may also park in:

  1. Accessible signed spaces
  2. Any Unreserved S, C, or N space

Accessible permits must also adhere to timed parking spaces – 15-minute loading zone, 45 minutes, 1 hour, etc.

Parking after 5:00 pm (except when noted by special event signs)

In addition to the above privileges, any student with any regular student type of paid permit (C, PC, N, PN, T, GF, GS) may park in Commuter or unreserved Staff spaces between 5:00 pm and 3:00 am.  The vehicle MUST be moved by 3:00 am or it will be subject to citation and/or towing, this includes the Accessible spaces.


  • TRECs – Staff and Commuter parking ONLY during the day. After 5:00 pm Non-Commuters may park in the TRECs or SC area when utilizing the Recreation Facilities.


Parking permits are required on the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus 24/7/365.

Due to the volume of activities on the UT campus year around, we monitor and manage continually including during the summer, on holiday break, and weekends.

In addition, certain streets around the UT campus are maintained by the City of Knoxville and they also monitor 24/7/365.