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Accessible Parking

2024-25 Faculty/Staff Accessible Permits will be available for renewal Monday, July 15, 2024

Click here to renew your Faculty/Staff Accessible Permit

Click here if are applying for the first time for a Faculty/Staff Accessible Permit

There are over 500 accessible parking spaces on our campus.

Link to Interactive Accessible Campus Parking Map

Rules & Regulations

Disabled person parking plates / tags must be issued to the individual driving or being transported.

Accessible parking plates or tags must be from the same state as the registration of the vehicle.

Time restrictions do apply in certain locations, such as Circle Park (45 minutes) and numerous locations have 30 minute parking such as Hodges Library.

Accessible Parking Permit Regulations

The policy requires vehicles operated by students, faculty, and staff who need accessible parking to purchase and display a dual registration, which includes:

  • a valid state-issued accessible placard or license plate
  • UT-issued Accessible permit (such as the Staff Accessible permit)

A UT-issued accessible permit costs the same as a standard permit (depending on your designation as staff, commuter, non-commuter, etc.). There is no additional cost to those permit holders beyond the standard permit fee.

All vehicles displaying dual registration are allowed to park in any accessible space as well as any unreserved, non-UT vehicle space.

To purchase an Accessible permit please bring the following documentation to 2121 Stephenson Dr. (off Neyland Dr. & Joan Cronan Way):

  • Photo ID
  • State registration for the Accessible Placard
  • Valid accessible placard or accessible license plate DMV record

Accessible Policy Revision for Faculty/Staff/Students

Accessible Policy Revision for Visitors


Parking Lots Recommended for Using the T: Access or T: Link

These parking lots have been identified for the ease of T Access pick-up, visibility, and proximity to curb cuts, crosswalks, and accessible parking spaces:

  • C-3 Curb on Lake Loudoun Blvd
  • S-23 Curb on Phillip Fulmer near Thompson-Boling Arena Ticket Office
  • S-30 Curb at Gate 13 outside of Neyland Stadium
  • Perkins Hall at lot entrance on Middle Drive
  • S-9 (south end) Curb on south side corner of Phillip Fulmer and Peyton Manning Pass
  • S-9 (north end) Campus Transfer Point outside of Neyland Stadium near Gate 21
  • C-5 Curb on Lake Loudoun Blvd
  • C-6 Curb outside of Financial Aid Office entrance
  • S-23 Corner of lot near accessible spaces next to former Student Health Clinic
  • N-7 at Blue Phone outside of garage entrance
  • S-7 Curb on 13th St.
  • G-10 Curb at Tee Martin Dr. & Phillip Fulmer Way
  • G-11 Curb on Terrace Ave (far side) outside garage entrance
  • G-12 Curb at entrance on White Ave
  • G-13 Curb at entrance between garage and Jesse Harris

The T: Access and T: Link point-to-point service can pick up from all parking areas, although this may require loading at the sidewalk or at lot / garage perimeter. 

Note: The T: Access and T: Link vehicles cannot go into covered parking facilities.

During the day – The T: Access

The T: Access is a demand response service available to transport students, staff and faculty around campus (inc. UT main campus, Ag Campus, & facilities in the Fort Sanders neighborhood). The service is provided for those with permanent disabilities and limited duration passes for those with temporary disabilities can be issued. Medical verification of the disability needs to be provided to the applicable office.

To get your Access ID card (which is needed to board the vehicle) please visit:

Daytime Hours: Weekdays from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm

At night – The T: Link

The same point-to-point demand responsive service and No Access ID is required at night.

  • Request pickup through the UT mobile app’s transit icon or the TransLoc app. The blue circle will pop up to request On-Demand after 6pm.
  • Call from any campus Blue Phone
  • Call the Link directly at 865-974-4080

Nighttime Hours: 6:00 pm until 7:00 am

Bus Transportation Options

The T, operated by Transdev, has a number of on-campus services available to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

All T buses are lift-equipped and fully accessible.

The five main bus routes (Hill, Ag Express, Neyland Express, Fort, and Late Nite) all have low-floor kneeling buses to ease the boarding of buses.

Visit Ride the T for details

For other on- and off-campus public transportation options, visit the KAT website.

The Hill / Ayres

Accessible Parking on the Hill

There are a limited number of accessible spaces available on the Hill located near Austin Peay, Ayres, and Dabney/Buehler. Additional accessible parking is available in the parking area west of Perkins.

The 11th Street Garage has twenty-six accessible parking spaces available for students, faculty, and staff. A pedestrian bridge provides direct access from the garage to the hill.

Loading/Unloading on the Hill

Vehicles displaying a current Staff Area 7 permit may use the fifteen-minute loading/unloading spaces without other credentials, but are subject to strict enforcement of the designated spaces.