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Bicycles on campus


Bicycles operated on campus or city streets are subject to all state, local, and university motor vehicle laws pertaining to street travel. Bicycles operated on sidewalks or other pedestrian thoroughfares are subject to all state, local, and university laws and regulations regarding pedestrians.

Click here for Online Bike Registration and Permit Request

All bicycles parked on campus must be registered and must display a current UT Bicycle Parking Permit.

Note: we will need to know your bicycle’s make, model, serial number, and color as well as your contact information to register your bicycle.

Once you have a confirmation from your bike registration, you may pick up your FREE bicycle permit at:

You may pick up the FREE Bicycle Permit at any of these locations:

  • UTOP Bike Shop at TRECs (school year hours – Mon-Fri 12:00-6:00 pm) near the loading dock off UT Drive
  • Parking & Transportation Services, 2121 Stephenson Dr (Mon-Fri 7:30 am-4:30 pm) (near the softball and soccer fields)

Permits must be permanently attached to the seat tube below the horizontal bar or comparable location. The permit must be visible and legible. Any permit that becomes illegible must be replaced. Damaged permits will be replaced at no charge. Permits are not transferrable to other bicycles or individuals. Unregistered bicycles are subject to impoundment.

Bike Locks

We strongly suggest you utilize a U-shaped lock. In many cases, bicycles with cable chain locks have been cut and those with U locks are harder to steal.

Bike Helmets

We strongly suggest you wear a bike helmet. Wearing a bike helmet is not required in the state of Tennessee for those over age 17. Data indicates that bike helmets have proven to impact the seriousness of injuries significantly.

Prohibited Parking

Bicycles are to be parked in a designated bicycle rack.
The following will be prohibited:

  • bicycle parking in a manner that blocks pedestrian paths,
  • obstructs accessible entrances or exits,
  • obstructs building access,
  • affixing your bicycle to trees.

Additionally, parking, riding, rolling, or storage of bicycles inside buildings is prohibited, except in University residence halls in accordance with the UT Division of Student Life University Housing Policy. Bicycles parked in prohibited areas are subject to impoundment.

Abandoned Bicycles

Bicycles may be identified as abandoned if missing a major component such as pedals, handlebars, a chain, and or flat tires. Abandoned bicycles are subject to impoundment.


Bicycles are subject to impoundment in the following instances:

  1. if not properly registered,
  2. are parked in prohibited areas, or
  3. are deemed abandoned.

Bicycle security devices may be removed by whatever means necessary to impound bicycles. The University will not be liable to the owner of this device for the cost of repair or replacement.

Impounded Bicycles can be claimed at:

UT Warehouse

2111 Stephenson Dr (portable next to Parking & Transportation Services)
Knoxville, TN 37996
Phone:(865) 974-7924
Hours: 7:00 am to 4:30 pm

  1. Claiming a registered impounded bicycle requires UT identification.
  2. Claiming an unregistered bicycle requires providing proof of ownership (a sales receipt or notarized statement of ownership providing the make, model, color, and location at the time of impoundment). The claimant must sign a statement of receipt for the bicycle.

There will be no fee assessed for the return of an impounded bicycle. Impounded bicycles will be held for thirty (30) calendar days before disposal by means the university deems appropriate.

Indoor Bicycle Storage

A new indoor bicycle storage is part of the Dogwood Hall (on the west end of campus).

Bike Repair Stations

Bicycle repair stations have been installed at Volunteer Hall, Fred D. Brown Jr. Hall, Massey Hall, and Laurel Residence Hall.