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Concert at TBA

Concerts/Special Events

NEW – Cards ONLY/no cash!

Concert/special event parking is $20.00

Concerts (such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lauren Daigle, etc) and Special Events (Circus, Monster Trucks, Harlem Globetrotters, etc) utilize the parking areas around Thompson-Boling Arena for their events.

Large concerts (Blake Shelton, Journey, etc) will use the Ag Campus for FREE parking with accessible shuttles to alleviate congestion starting approx 90 minutes before the event.

Staff and commuter lots located in the vicinity of the arena will convert to concert/event parking at 4 pm during the week or 4 hours on the weekend prior to the event.

Some events offer advance purchase premium parking.

Lots typically used for concert or performance-related events include:

$20.00 Location
G10 Neyland Stadium Garage
G4 and G3 Andy Holt Tower Garage-off Lake Loudoun
G5/30 Top-level @ Andy Holt Tower
C8 Corner of Lake Loudoun Blvd & Volunteer Blvd
S9A Lot next to Art & Architecture
Circle Park Near Torchbearer
30A Off Circle Park near Old Speech and Hearing
S9 Student Union across from Neyland Stadium
G1 & G2 McClung Tower garage
S7 Staff lot across from Wayne Basler Boathouse
G16 Volunteer Blvd Garage at Pat Head Summitt St
FREE Parking Location
Ag Campus CF, S65/66, C4 lots – FREE Shuttle starts at 5:30 pm for a 7:00 pm show ONLY Larger concerts
G17 Terrace Ave garage – 10-minute walk to the arena

Directions to enter campus via Joe Johnson Dr and AVOID the traffic backups on Neyland Dr

2023 24 Night Class and Special Event Parking Map

The following parking areas will be designated for students with a valid parking permit (C-Commuter or T-Evening School) who are attending class on weekdays Mon-Thur during events or concerts, some lots are not available if baseball is playing:

  • Staff 9 – @ Student Union on Phillip Fulmer Way
  • Staff 23 – @ Music on Pat Head Summitt Street
  • Staff 7 & Commuter 19 – 11th Street Garage
  • Staff 7 – @ Second Creek off Cumberland Ave
  • Commuter 12 Terrace Ave G17 garage
  • Commuter 18 – corner of Clinch Ave and James Agee
  • Commuter 21 – White Avenue Garage
  • Volunteer Blvd West – Todd Helton to Andy Holt Ave

Faculty/Staff Working During Events

The following parking areas will be designated for faculty and staff with a valid parking permit who are working on weekdays Mon-Thur during an event or concert:

  • Staff Area 9 @ Student Union — Phillip Fulmer Way
  • Staff Area 23 @ Music — Pat Head Summitt St
  • Staff Area 7 & C-19 — 11th Street Garage

Note: Parking is also permitted in any other unreserved or unattended staff lot