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2020-21 Faculty/Staff Accessible Permit Renewal Process


Due to COVID-19, we have modified our staff accessible permit process to enhance customer convenience and promote social distancing.

We now offer the option to purchase your accessible permit without having to visit the office.

Staff permit processing starts July 20, 2020. You may also purchase in person at the Parking office if you wish (summer hours 9 am to 2 pm). 

2020-21 Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Rates
(no increase in 5 years)


Prepare Current Valid Paperwork

Make photocopies of the top 3 documents:

  1. Current Driver’s License
  2. Current Placard or Picture of License Plate. Please make sure the license plate expiration sticker is clearly visible.
  3. Your Current DMV Placard/License Plate Registration Document (We need the specific printed state registration document with your address to prove the placard is registered and that this matches with the drivers license.)
  4. Complete the 2020 UT Vehicle Registration Form (yes even if you car is registered on campus, we need this form)
  5. Complete the Accessible Permit Payment Form
  6. Complete the Payroll Deduction – ONLY if you are eligible and this needs to be renewed each year

Submit the five (5) pieces of paperwork (6 if you are including the payroll deduction form) and email Parking Services at

  • Via email (to encourage social distancing)
  • In person at Parking Services 2121 Stephenson Dr – please note our summer hours are 9am – 2pm


After your Accessible Permit is approved, payment will be coordinated if you have NOT elected for the payroll deduction option

  1. Payroll Deduction – Must be renewed each year
  2. Credit Card Payment – Please wait for staff to contact you to securely process this transaction
  3. Cash Payment – Must come into Parking Offices to process this payment – please note our summer hours are 9am – 2pm


  • Permit mailed to faculty/staff member
  • Remove the 2019-20 sticker and attach the 2020-21 sticker
  • Reminder new permit year begins August 1, 2020