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About Special Events Parking

Parking is the first impression of an event. Make sure your event starts off on the right foot by arranging for your attendees to park and if needed shuttles BEFORE the event.

Events can hit a speed bump when organizers ASSUME their guests can park where they want, especially at night and on weekends.

We coordinate over 600 events that happen all year long and those are just the ones who ask for parking.

What can happen:

  • another event has already requested the area
  • an event at the arena (such as a concert, circus, etc) may convert parking areas to paid areas 

Planning saves the pain of frustrated attendees.

How the PTS Special Events office assists in event planning:

  • Discuss the event with you
  • Develop a parking and/or transit plan that is suitable for the event while minimizing the impact on the daily operation of the University
  • Work with your budget
  • Coordinate special arrangements for signage, cones, reserved spaces, etc. (fees apply for these services)
  • Facilitate the purchase of conference rate parking permits or parking charged to departments, programs, or colleges
  • Maintain a Master Calendar of Events with parking requests and approvals
  • Assist in communications and create an event map for larger events or if the guests are not familiar with the campus

To make a request, please begin by completing the special event parking reservation form (at least 7 business days in advance)
Special Event Parking Guidelines (please be aware of these)

  • You will receive a reservation confirmation after your request is received. Our Special Events Team may follow up with any questions, concerns, or to request more detailed information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Staffing, traffic, and parking control supplies and other resources may be limited on certain days and timeframes and we are not able to guarantee requests can be fulfilled until processed and confirmed in writing. If you have any questions, please call us at 865-974-6031 or

(what other events might coincide or conflict with your event)

Calendar of University of Tennessee Events (many of these events do not request or need parking)

Available Special Event Parking Services (Fee applies to these services)

Please indicate in your reservation if you would like to include any of these services during your event.

  • Parking Permits – Discounted Conference Rate or Departmental Charged
  • Reserved Parking – Requires Parking Attendants, Sandwich Board Signs, and Traffic Cones
  • Traffic Control Equipment
    • The following options are available to help direct and manage parking for your guests. Please specify the location(s) where the equipment is needed and when they should be set up and removed.
      • Traffic Cones
      • Sandwich Board Signs
      • Electronic Mobile Signs (limited quantity and limited area they can be placed)

Available Special Event Shuttle/Charter Bus Services (Fee applies to these services)

In VERY LIMITED situations, a campus street may need to be closed. Here is the link to the Street Closure Request Form (these are approved by the Administration – not the Parking Office).

URGENT REQUESTS:  If requests are made less than 7 working days before the start of the event, a LATE FEE will be applied.

Cancellations:  Please contact the Special Events office at at least 48 hours in advance to cancel your event reservation—if not received by this time, you will be responsible for 50% of the event fee.  If the event is canceled on-site, you will be responsible for 100% of the event fee.