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Faculty/Staff refunds for Parking Permit due to telework

Refunds for Faculty/Staff Parking Permits for Spring 2020

Questions regarding refunds for Faculty/Staff Parking Permits due to telework have been circulating campus due to the University providing refunds for the majority of student parking permits. (Those students still on campus will not receive refunds.)

Faculty/Staff Parking Permits

Faculty/staff permits differ from student permits in that they are charged month-to-month for a 12-month period through payroll deduction rather than being valid all academic year like the student permits (Aug-May). As such, this is the basis for there being no blanket refund for faculty/staff permit like being considered for student permits.


Traffic & Parking Regulations: IV. Staff Fees (and reformatted applicable items)

  1. Faculty/staff that terminate their employment with the University, that want to discontinue parking, or that experience an extended leave:
  2. Must return their parking permit hangtag or sticker to Parking and Transit Services to stop the payroll deduction
    1. Option A – Mail the Staff Parking Hangtag or Sticker to Parking Services, 2121 Stephenson Dr, Knoxville, TN 37996
    2. Option B – Staff Permit returns may be submitted by cutting up the permit in 3 pieces with the permit # still showing  and email to Please indicate in the message line that this is a staff parking permit return.
  3. Parking is prorated on a monthly basis
  4. Permit must be returned (and received in the Parking and Transit Office) by the last business day of each month to avoid additional charges for the next month.
  5. If a permit is not returned, the employee will be billed for any outstanding balance due.
  6. Staff not working during summer term or going on extended leave may surrender their parking permits before they leave campus. This may result in loss of current parking assignment.