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Refunds for Student Parking and Transit Fees

One-Stop Statement on Refunds due to Covid-19

The University will be processing refunds for students for the remaining 6 weeks (39% of the Spring Semester) during the Online Learning Session. This will include refunds for parking permits and the transportation fee. The amount will be customized for each student.

NOTE: The Parking and Transit office staff cannot quote the specific refund amount until the final amounts are generated by the University the week of April 6, 2020. The total will reflect all of your eligible refunds less any outstanding balances.

Additional details

  • Refund amounts are personalized and will vary student by student, based on factors including type of permit and credit hours taken this semester. Students who received institutional financial aid this semester in support of housing, dining, and mandatory fees will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine refund amounts.
  • Refunds will first be applied to any outstanding balances with the university.
  • Students who continue to receive services because they have an exemption to remain in university housing through the end of the semester will not receive refunds.