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Highlights for Commuters Fall 2017

Welcome to campus and welcome back to our returning students.

We have important reminders and updates for you regarding commuter parking for the fall 2017 semester.

Full Enforcement begins Wednesday August 23rd



  1. GF 2, 3, and 4 – Over 150 spaces available from 7 am to 5 pm WEEKDAYS ONLY
  2. Lake Ave Garage (enter off Terrace Ave only) – Additional 150 spaces – Level 3



  1. Volunteer Blvd G-16 Garage – loss of shared C & N parking on level 3 (that level is Non-Commuter only now)
  2. White Ave Garage – loss of 50 spaces to staff due to the increased staff parking demand with the opening of Strong Hall
  3. C20 behind Nursing – loss of 32 spaces due to loss of street parking on Volunteer Blvd and reallocated to staff
  4. C11 at Lake Ave & Volunteer Blvd is now N12 and primarily designated for Non-Commuters. A sandwich board sign will also indicate that Commuter parking is available in this lot.


You must display a current VALID parking permit to park at UT.


Hang tag has not yet arrived – What do I do?

  1. Display your temporary 14 day permit (if still within 14 days from purchase date)
  2. If you cannot find your permit, please come to Parking & Transit Services at 2121 Stephenson Dr to receive a courtesy permit
    We are open 7:30 am to 4:45 pm
  3. If the temporary permit is about to expire, please also come to our office for an extended courtesy permit.
  4. ALSO – if during the school year your hang tag is in the shop with your car and you are driving another vehicle, come in before you head onto campus and we can give you a courtesy pass


Commuter Parking Tips:

  1. Parking garages such as G16, G10, 11th St & White Ave fill early during peak times
  2. Alternates – try a surface lot
    1. GF2, GF 3 and GF 4 on Todd Helton Dr (not GF1)
    2. C1 by Baseball stadium
    3. C7 located between Terrace & Caledonia
    4. C15 off Neyland Dr – across from the Boathouse
    5. C22 at Volunteer Blvd and Todd Helton
    6. SC40 at the Kingston Pk Bldg.

Help – I can’t find a place to park on the AG?

  1. Overflow for Ag campus
    1. C22 at Volunteer and Todd Helton
    2. Hidden lot – Commuters can park in the LOWER Lot at the UT Visitors Center
    3. C permits will be honored in N-12 at Lake Ave & Volunteer Blvd West

Follow @UTKParking on Twitter for updates on construction, concerts, events, and how they impact mobility on campus



At the beginning of the school year we have people parking who do not have a hang tag. The first week or two you may see Parking Enforcement quite often. Our team patrols campus to make sure that those of you who paid and have a VALID C parking permit – have a space to park!