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Neyland Stadium on game day


Improperly parked vehicles or those found in a restricted area will be towed at the owner’s expense. Towed vehicles may be claimed by contacting Parking & Transit Services at 865-974-6031 from 8 am to 4 pm (or kickoff – whichever is earlier) to schedule a time to retrieve the vehicle. 

UT Campus Gameday parking opens at 7 am on gameday:

Football Parking Permit Holders (orange areas)

  • Season Ticket Football Parking Permit Holders who have pre-arranged parking in advance of the season will park in assigned parking area.
  • Accessible Football Parking Permit Holders who have pre-arranged parking in advance of the season will park in assigned parking area.

General Public Paid Parking (green areas)

  • Fans with Football Tickets but NO Parking Permit have two paid parking options on campus for $40.00 (CASH ONLY)   
  • Accessible Fans with Football Tickets but NO Parking Permit may park on the Ag campus. Parking is limited and is “First come – First Parked”. (see the blue accessible symbol on the map.
    • Football Accessible Shuttle will be available for the 2021 Football Season from the Ag Campus to the Student Union Loading Dock Entry Road. (change from previous seasons)

Public parking options are available in non-University lots. For more information below:

2021 Public Parking Options Downtown Knoxville (early Aug)

( look for the on the above map)

City of Knoxville Public Parking Downtown Options on Home Football games 

  • Downtown garages – $20 – Main Ave, Dwight Kessel, City County Bldg, and Locust St
  • Downtown – Civic Coliseum Garage & Blackstock Lot – $10
  • Free garages – State Street & Market Square

Note: East TN Children’s Hospital sells parking as a fundraiser (new map in Mid Aug)for their Volunteer Services programs. The price varies depending on the location of the parking area. Very close to Alcoa Highway and a great way to avoid sitting in traffic after the game.
Ft. Sanders Hospital reserves parking for employees and hospital visitors only.

City of Knoxville Parking Meters are also available near campus and cost $25.00 payable with a credit card. Parking meters are enforced on gameday.

Handicapped Parking Logo

Football Season Ticket Holder Accessible Parking

Pre-Assigned Football Parking Permit Holders who have arranged Accessible Parking in advance will park in assigned area.

General Public Accessible Parking

Fans with Football Tickets and a current valid accessible placard or license plate but NO Football Parking Permit will park on the Ag Campus. Parking is limited and is “First Come – First Parked”.

Fall 2021 there WILL be an Accessible Shuttle this year.

RV Parking

On Campus

There is no general public RV parking on the campus

City of Knoxville Civic Coliseum offers RV parking in Garage C for 2021 Season and pricing varies depending on location:

  • Season RV parking – SOLD OUT
  • Weekly Non-Hook spot RV parking (if available) $160
  • Nightly Non-Hook spot RV parking (if available) $40

2021 Weekly Spots are on-sale now by calling 865-215-8900

Faculty/Staff Game Day Parking

The following parking areas will be designated for faculty and staff with a current valid permit who are scheduled to work on football Saturdays:

Staff 12—North Side of Hoskins Library

Staff 20 & RecSports Parking Area—East Side of Aquatic Center

These lots will be staffed and a regular staff parking permit will be required.  The lots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

On occasion, some of these areas may not be available due to prearranged activities on campus. During the season, special announcements will be made through the media concerning specific game day arrangements and scheduled lot access.

Please note: The 11th Street Garage is reserved for individuals with football parking permits on gameday Saturdays and is NOT available for staff parking.

Student Parking on Game Day

There is NO parking for undergraduate or graduate commuter students on gamedays.

We recommend:

  1. Have someone drop you off and pick you up.
  2. Market Square and State Street garages downtown Knoxville have free parking if you arrive early.
  3. Neighborhood parking is an option, but many places charge for parking on gamedays.

UT Vehicles

Please remove all UT vehicles that are parked in areas designated for football permit parking. This must be done the night before the game. Vehicles remaining in assigned football parking areas on football Saturdays are subject to towing.

Traffic Information

For information on statewide interstate construction, motorists can access the Tennessee Department of Transportation SmartWay website.  For up to the minute traffic information in Knoxville, follow TDOT on Twitter.

Gameday Recycling in parking areas

Please keep our campus and Neyland Stadium clean! Take all items from your tailgate or seating area and put them in the right place. Make sure your recyclables are empty and clean so they’re free of liquids and food.

Only these items can be recycled, so recycle right:

  • Empty plastic cups & bottles
  • Empty cans
  • Clean paper
  • Clean cardboard (including empty pizza boxes)

Please put these items in the trash (DO NOT RECYCLE):

  • Glass
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic utensils, bags & wrap
  • Aluminum foil & pans
  • Paper cups, bowls & plates
  • Candy wrappers
  • Disposable gloves & masks
  • Any items with food or liquid

Trash and Recycling Stations are located in 5 parking areas on campus:

  • Lot 9
  • G10T
  • G5/30
  • SDHM Permits
  • Lot 23B