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Electric Vehicles

Eco Vols juicing up an electric fleet vehicle

UT supports advanced transportation technologies by offering electric vehicle charger stations at three locations around campus including: Staff Area 23 at 1350 Pat Head Summitt Street (behind Temple Hall), on the Agriculture Campus at 2402 Chapman Drive (at Central Greenhouse), and on the top level of the 11th Street Garage.

EV Charger Signage

Due to the unique nature of EV parking areas, a custom sign has been installed at each location to clearly and concisely convey the purpose and requirements associated with the EV spaces.

Regulations and Policies

The EV Charger parking areas fall under standard UT Parking Regulations and Policies, which require a UT parking permit to park on campus.

Vehicles parked in an EV Charger space must display a UT parking permit and parking will be limited to four hours. This time limit assists in creating turnover for the spaces in order to maximize their availability and use by EV vehicle owners.

Overnight parking at EV charger spaces will not be permitted.

Requirements for Permit

The specific requirements for EV parking permits are as follows:

  • A “Special EV Permit” is required in addition to a regular student, faculty or staff parking permit. This special permit will be provided at no additional charge to any student, faculty, or staff with a valid UT parking permit and is valid for the same time period as the regular parking permit (i.e., May 15, 2016 for student permits and July 31, 2016 for staff permits). Daily parking will be limited to four hours.
  • For campus visitors or anyone without a regular student, faculty, or staff parking permit, an EV parking permit may be obtained from the Circle Park Information/Parking Booth or at the UT Parking Office located at 2121 Stephenson Drive. These permits will be charged at the standard rate of $5 per day and would be valid for up to four hours on the day of issuance.
  • Parking for vehicles that cannot be properly coupled to the EV charger plug and charged is strictly prohibited (e.g., gas powered vehicles, standard hybrid vehicles such as the Prius, electric GEM vehicles, etc.).
  • Users of EV chargers shall follow all instructions to ensure the safe and proper use of chargers, including proper storage of the charging cord and plug after use.

Failure to abide by UT Parking Regulations and the EV Charger Parking Area requirements may result in issuance of a citation and/or towing of the vehicle.

Find Nearby Charging Stations

Source: TN Clean Fuels