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Ride the T schedule for Saturday Dec 3rd

Due to finals starting on Saturday December 3rd, the Ride the T bus will be in service.

The Hill-3 buses 7:00 am-6:00 pm

Neyland Express-3 buses 7:00 am-6:00 pm & 2 buses 6:00 pm-10:00 pm

The Fort-2 buses 7:00 am-6:00 pm

Access-2 smaller buses 7:00 am-6:00 pm

Late Nite & Link—regular Saturday evening service

No shuttle service on ORNL/PSCC & JIAM


In addition, Vols Basketball plays Georgia Tech at 1:00 pm on Saturday the 3rd

Shuttle buses will run from Ag to the Thompson-Boling Arena

Basketball permit parking will be in effect for the lots near the arena

Students & Staff with class can park in S9, S23, White Ave or 11th St garages

Phillip Fulmer Way will be barricaded for a time for the basketball game

The Fort and Neyland Express routes will have to detour around Phillip Fulmer Way during this time and use Peyton Manning Pass.

End of Fall 2016 Parking Reminders

Studying later than usual – commuter students may park overnight in the White Ave garage Section C21 from Sun Nov 27 until Fri Dec 9th.

Over 70 additional residential parking spaces for non-commuters available at Lot C11 at the corner of Lake Ave and Volunteer Blvd.

Did you just bring a car to campus?

  • After Thanksgiving – purchase a temporary parking permit at 2121 Stephenson Dr to park until the end of the semester.
  • After Winter Break – purchase your parking permit online AFTER Dec 12th and the cost will be 50% of the full year cost.


Students graduating or leaving for Spring Semester…

Return your full year parking permit for 50% credit. DEADLINE is January 20, 2017

Basketball Season impacts parking

2016-17 Mens Basketball Parking Map

On-Campus Parking – All Lots around Thompson-Boling Arena are used for basketball parking – these convert to event lots at 4 pm. Watch for sandwich board signs when you enter the lot.

Public Parking – Free public parking with shuttle service is available at the UT Agriculture Campus

Accessible Parking d9-6 – Fully accessible shuttles are available on the UT Agriculture Campus to the arena

Students Attending Class During Weekday Games
(with a valid parking permit)

Staff Area 9—Phillip Fulmer Way

Staff Area 23—Pat Head Summitt St

Or check areas North of Andy Holt Ave – such as:

Staff Area 7 & Commuter Area 19—11th Street Garage

Commuter Area 21—White Avenue Garage

Faculty/Staff Working During Weekday Games
(with a valid parking permit)

Staff Area 9—Phillip Fulmer Way

Staff Area 23—Pat Head Summitt St

Staff Area 7 & C-19—11th Street Garage

Note: Parking is also permitted in any other unreserved or unattended staff lot

T Buses will run limited service during Fall Break

Fall Break is here!!!

The T buses will run a limited schedule during Fall Break.

Thursday October 6 and Friday October 7 an Access van will provide service to the campus community during the day and the T Link evening van will be in operation.

Saturday, October 8 there will only be limited T Link service.

Sunday, October 9 the Late Nite bus and the T Link will resume service.

Monday, October 10 – all regular service resumes including the ORNL/PSCC and JIAM shuttles.

Construction ramps up during Fall Break


Lake Avenue Garage – NEW East garage structure

Construction work begins on October 6th to construct the NEW 1,000 car garage on the current gravel lot. Gravel lot permanently closes at 6 am that day.

Closure of Eastbound Volunteer Blvd Lanes between Todd Helton Dr & Pat Head Summitt St

The Volunteer Blvd Streetscape Phase 1 will be paving over fall break. The eastbound lanes will be closed and the westbound lanes will be open. Volunteer Blvd from Pat Head Summitt St to Todd Helton will be impacted. The timing for this project is Thursday Oct 6 at 6 am to Monday Oct 10 at 7 am.

Closure of Staff 37 near 907 Mountcastle St

Starting Friday Oct 7 at 5:30 pm Staff 37 will be closed to for the demolition of the building at 907 Mountcastle St. The lot is scheduled to reopen Monday Oct 10th by 7:00 am.


22nd Street and Cumberland Ave Intersection

Starting on Friday Oct 7 at midnight the Cumberland Corridor Project is rebuilding the intersection. Work is scheduled to be complete by Monday evening Oct 10.

Repaving of Kingston Pike west of Neyland Dr

Westbound Kingston Pike is being repaved from Neyland Dr to Towanda Tr. This work is occurring from Sunday night through Friday morning from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am. This project is scheduled to be completed by October 14th.

22nd Street south of Cumberland Ave

Cumberland Corridor Project is installing a 42” storm line. This work is scheduled to be completed Oct 15th. The road is open, but is not paved yet.

17th Street between White Ave and Cumberland Ave

Cumberland Corridor Project is building roadway curb, furnishing zone and sidewalk. Work is scheduled to be completed Oct 14th.

JIAM Shuttle impacted by sinkhole on Alcoa Hwy 129 N

The JIAM/Cherokee Farm shuttle will experience delays on Wednesday September 28 and Thursday September 29 to repair a sinkhole that has closed Alcoa Hwy 129 N of Cherokee Trail. This will also be noted on the UT App on the Transit button reflecting the GPS position of the bus.



TDOT and local news will provide the latest information.

For any questions, please contact Parking & Transit Services at 974-6031 or




Alternative Vehicle Policy Revisions (Golf/Utility carts)

Subject: Golf/Utility Cart Policy Updated including No Parking Allowed on Sidewalks

UTPD, Parking & Transit Services, and Environmental Health and Safety are partnering to announce a policy effective immediately. Alternative vehicles (like golf/utility carts) are not allowed to operate in an unsafe manner, park on sidewalks and block entrances to buildings, and must be registered.

“Our staff has routinely seen these types of vehicles not following the rules of the road and we are fortunate that there have not been any accidents involving injury” said Deputy Chief Jeff Severs.

An Alternative Vehicle (ATV) is defined as a motor driven vehicle not meeting the definition of a sedan, truck, pickup or van and whose primary function is transportation. Examples include the following:  all-terrain vehicles, carts, utility carts, golf carts and Segways.

Alternative Vehicles as those which are purchased, leased, traded for, loaned, donated, and similar activities where an alternative vehicle is under the control of a student, staff, or faculty member and driven on campus owned streets.

As we begin the school year we want to make you aware of the highlights of this policy:

  1. Alternative vehicles acquired after July 1, 2016 shall be through and delivered to Fleet Management
  2. Register vehicle with Parking & Transit Services and display the Alternative Vehicle Permit
  3. Drivers need to meet criteria and pass an alternate vehicle safety course which includes such information as:
    1. Obey speed limit
    2. Cannot use pedestrian crosswalks to cross roadways
    3. Pedestrians have the right-of-way, alternate vehicles must yield to pedestrians on the sidewalk
    4. Reduce speed in heavy pedestrian traffic or stop until the traffic has lessened
  4. Alternative vehicles shall not be parked within 10 feet of the entrance or exit of any building, except at loading docks
  5. Alternative vehicles shall not be parked in a way that blocks fire hydrants, emergency exits, and vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Vehicles shall not be parked in fire lanes, in metered parking spaces, on sidewalks, in accessible/handicapped parking, impeding accessible/handicapped ramps or in reserved parking.

The process:

Parking & Transit Services processes the registration for alternative vehicles and provides a sticker which must be affixed to the vehicle (there is NO cost to register).  In addition the Parking enforcement officers will be alerting those who are incorrectly parked.

Environmental Health & Safety will conduct trainings to educate your new or returning staff if they have not taken this training.

UTPD staff will be enforcing violations where vehicles are being operated in an unsafe manner.

“This is simply an effort on our part to keep the members of our campus community safe.” said Deputy Chief Severs.

To view the complete policy:

Questions regarding the interpretation or implementation of this policy should be directed to one of the following: UT Police (974-3114), Parking & Transit Services (974-6031), or Environmental Health and Safety (974-5084).

Alternative Vehicle Driver Training

Reminder that all operators of Alternative Vehicles (such as golf carts, utility cart, Kubotas, etc) need to successfully complete an Alternative Vehicle Training Course and sign documentation for understanding and compliance.

Environmental Health & Safety will be conducting a training on Monday September 26th at Hodges Library.

September 26th training for Alternative vehicle


If you have new staff or students who are driving these vehicles, please attend a training class.

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