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Category Archives: Vol Basketball

Traffic Congestion expected Wed, Feb 28 during evening commute. Guests for Vol Basketball will be arriving as students, faculty, and staff are leaving. Please avoid the Neyland, Lake Loudoun, Phillip Fulmer, and Chamique Holdsclaw intersections.

Exiting S30 onto Lake Loudoun before 5:30 and after 5:30. Event congestion impacts leaving campus.

UPDATE: C1 has a new lease and is open for UT parking as of Fri Jan 6th
Starting Sun, Jan 1, 2023, UT will NO LONGER have an active lease for the C1 parking area and it will cease to be a UT parking area on that day

Getting Around UT – Late Jan and Feb 2022. Construction, Jan and Feb Special Events impacting mobility, Jan and Feb calendar of events around campus.