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Horseshoe parking impacted as Haslam II begins construction

Greve, Dunford, and Henson Halls significantly reduced parking in the horseshoe parking area starting Tue, Mar 19th.

The contractors are now on campus to begin on the Haslam II Business Building in the footprint of the current Greve, Dunford, and Henson Halls.

  • All the occupants from Greve and Dunford Hall have been relocated
  • Henson Hall will remain operational through the Spring 2024 semester and will move to the Stokely Management Center in mid-May
  • Two-thirds of the parking area is closed
  • Limited ADA parking, one 30-minute loading zone, and two reserved spaces will remain until the end of the semester 
  • Fencing installed around the initial construction area
  • Greve and Dunford will be prepared for demolition and will be demolished this spring
  • The remainder of the horseshoe lot will close in May
  • Henson will be prepared for demolition

Alternative Parking Options

  • S12 permit holders -For S12 permit holders, parking is available in the G17 Terrace Ave garage, the only entrance is at 1800 Lake Ave. Now the entire garage of almost 1,000 spaces is available for S12 or C permit holders.
  • Accessible Permit holders
    Ten ADA spaces will remain in this area. If these spaces are full, there are 16 accessible spaces in the G17 garage. Also, the ADA spaces in the White Ave garage usually have availability.

    • After you are parked, contact the T Bus dispatcher at 865-974-4080 for our On-Demand Accessible Transportation. The T Access is for daytime service (7 am to 6 pm) and the T Link is for nighttime service (6 pm to 7 am).
    • Faculty and Staff needing accessible transportation will first need to register with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Accessibility at 865-974-2498. Ask for Lisa and she will enroll you in the list of authorized riders.

Pedestrian Safety

  • Sidewalks on the west side of Volunteer Blvd will be closed, signage will indicate the path available on the east side of Volunteer Blvd (near the Student Union)
  • The Pedestrian Bridge will remain open during construction and a new asphalt walkway will be created leading to the bridge.