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Student Parking Options

Student Parking Map 2018-19 with N18

Residential (Non-Commuter) Parking Options (N)
  over 440 new spaces this year

Garage parking options:
Lake Ave (G11) – ALL levels – 915 spaces
West Campus (G7) – ALL levels – over 700 spaces
White Ave (G12) – ONLY N areas
Volunteer Hall (G15) – ONLY enter off Clinch Ave
Volunteer Blvd (G16) – ONLY levels 3, 4, and 5

Surface parking options:
Laurel Hall (N21 and N14)
Lake Ave lots (N10, 11, and 12)
Caledonia Ave lots (N2, 8, 9, 19, and 20)
Carrick Fire Lane (N5)
Terrace Ave (N18)


Commuter Parking Options (C)
  over 500 new spaces this year

Garage parking options:
Admin (G4) – C5
Neyland (G10) – ALL levels – 1900 spaces
NEW Terrace Ave (G17) – over 1,000 spaces
White Ave (G12) – ONLY C

11th Street (G13) – ONLY C levels
Volunteer Blvd (G16) – ONLY levels 1 and 2

Surface parking options:
Lake Loudoun Blvd (C6 and 8)
Todd Helton Dr (C1 and 22)
Pat Head Summitt St (C10)
Church lot off Poplar St (C26)
2nd Creek near Ming Kao (C18 – NEW location)
Terrace Ave (C7)
Ag Campus (C4 and CF) (NO N parking this year)
Visitor Center lowest level