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Student Parking Options


Residential (Non-Commuter) Parking Options (N)

5 Garage parking options:
Lake Ave (G11) – ALL levels – 915 spaces
West Campus (G7) – ALL levels – over 700 spaces
White Ave (G12) – ONLY N areas
Volunteer Hall (G15) – ONLY enter off Clinch Ave levels 3, 4, and 5
Volunteer Blvd (G16) – ONLY levels 3, 4, and 5

13 Surface parking options:
Laurel Hall (N21 and N14)
Lake Ave lots (N10, 11, and 12)
Caledonia Ave lots (N2, 8, 9, 19, and 20)
Carrick Fire Lane (N5)
Terrace Ave (N18)
NEW – Volunteer Blvd West from Andy Holt Ave to Cumberland Ave (SCN)


Commuter Parking Options (C)

6 Garage parking options:
Neyland (G10) – ALL levels – 1900 spaces
Terrace Ave (G17) – 988 spaces
Admin off Lake Loudoun Blvd (G4) – C5
White Ave (G12) – ONLY C areas

11th Street (G13) – ONLY C areas
Volunteer Blvd (G16) – ONLY levels 1 and 2

15 Surface parking options:
Lake Loudoun Blvd (C6 and 8)
Todd Helton Dr (C1 and 22)
Pat Head Summitt St (C10)
NEW – Todd Helton Dr (C10) from Pat Head Summit St to C1
Church lot off Poplar St (C26)
Cumberland Ave lot at Second Creek east of Ming Kao (C18 – NEW location)
Terrace Ave (C7)
Ag Campus (C4 and CF) (NO N parking this year)
Visitor Center lowest level
Andy Holt Ave (SC) (across from new West Campus Dining construction)
NEW – Volunteer Blvd West from UT Drive to Andy Holt Ave (SC1)
NEW – Volunteer Blvd West from Andy Holt Ave to Cumberland Ave (SCN)