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G1 and G2 Upgraded Access Gates for Service Vehicle Access Card Holders



  1. Week of July 16th 
    1. Submit a request for a G1/G2 Access Card
  2. Once approved for Access Card
    1. Bring OLD G1/G2 Access Card to Circle Park Information Booth and turn in
    2. A new access card will be issued (Cards will only be issued to approved staff)
    3. Gates are scheduled to be operational July 23rd
      1. Please make sure you have exchanged your card prior to the 23rd

*Note: Approval may be delayed if necessary information is missing or incomplete


Final Reminder: The number of access cards issued to UT staff needs to be kept to a minimum to ensure parking for our faculty/staff is maintained in this premium-priced parking area.



Phone: 865-974-6031