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FAQ – Map of Student Parking Areas by color

Fall 2021 Student Campus Parking Map

Non-Commuter – N or PN Permits
Residential students living in UT Housing

  • Solid Yellow – 22 options for parking
  • Yellow & White Stripe – Perimeter Non-Commuter – only 1 area

Commuter – C or PC Permits
All others NOT living in UT Housing

  • Solid Orange – 20 areas
  • Orange & White Stripe – Perimeter Commuter Parking – valid in 3 areas only

Sorority and Fraternity House Residents – GF or GS Permits
Solid Gray – GF and GS Permits are ONLY honored in those parking areas

  • GF/Fraternity Park – 495 spaces available
  • GS/Sorority Village – 520 spaces available

Solid Red – Motorcycle

Yellow, Blue, and Orange Striped areas indicate that multiple permits types are located in that garage and please make sure you are parking in the N or C area that your tag indicates

Please note – Perimeter Parking is limited to only those areas