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FAQ – Parking for summer student workers

2022 Summer Parking Permit Rates

Online sales begin Sunday, May 1, 2022 

(Mini-session and two summer sessions)

  • Non-Commuter Permit (NS/NSW/NSA): $100
  • Commuter (CS/CSW/CSA): $63
  • Evening (TS/TSW/TSA): $13.50 (valid beginning at 3 pm in commuter lots and 4 pm in unreserved staff lots)
  • Greek (GFS/GFSW/GFSA): $70

If you are a student summer worker at the university and NOT taking classes, then this is your process:

  1. You will need authorization to purchase a parking permit which is an email from your department head or college parking representative. (The parking rep assists us in managing the comings and goings on Faculty/Staff in their college or department.)
  2. Come to Parking & Transit Services at 2121 Stephenson Dr to purchase your parking permit
    1. Complete the UT Vehicle Registration Form 
    2. Payment Options
      1. Charge this to your UT Student Account
      2. Credit Card Payment 
      3. Cash Payment
    3. Our staff will process and provide you with a parking hangtag. Students will be assigned either a Non-Commuter Summer (NS and this is for those living on campus) or a Commuter Summer (CS for those living off campus)
    4. Summer student workers may not park in staff areas


If you are a student summer worker at the university and taking classes, then this is your process:

  1. Go online to the Parking Portal
  1. Click on the Manage Account Box
  2. Use the “affiliated login”
  3. Input your Net ID and Password, proceed with authentication
  4. Review your personal and vehicle information (and provide updated info)
  5. Next screen you will look at the top left to see permits and click Get Permit
  6. The next screen will show what permits you are currently authorized to purchase
    • Non-Commuter Summer (NS) – those living on campus in a residence hall
    • Commuter Summer (CS) – those NOT living on campus
    • Motorcycle – you may purchase both a car and motorcycle permit if you would like
  7. Reminder to indicate where the permit should be mailed (we suggest home address instead of work address)
  8. PRINT the temporary permit and place on dashboard. The hangtag will arrive within 7-10 days.