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FAQ – Commuters only on campus once a week – options

Once a week Commuter Parking options rev 1 6 21

Here are options:

We do have a NEW Half Price Perimeter Commuter permit and there are also daily parking options:

Type of Parking Location Cost Hours Note
Hourly Paid Public Parking Vol Hall Garage – enter from White Ave $1.00 per 30 minutes 7 am to 11 pm Mon – Fri  
$5 Daily Permit Assigned area based on availability on campus in the commuter lots $5.00 7 am to 3 am
(no overnight parking)
Purchase at:

Circle Park Information Booth
7:30 am – 4:30 pm

2121 Stephenson Dr
7:30 am – 4:30 pm

NEW Half Price Commuter

Permit –

Perimeter Commuter

2 parking areas on the edge of campus

-UT Culinary Institute

-Volunteer Blvd West (SCNPC) area from Andy Holt Ave to Cumberland Ave

$47.00 Spring ONLY permit


7 am to 5 pm for UT Culinary Institute

7 am to 3 am for Volunteer Blvd West (NO overnight parking)

Transportation options:

PC3 UT Culinary InstituteSorority Village Express T Bus

SCNPC Volunteer Blvd West – T Link is available at night

Regular Commuter Permit Choice of 23 parking areas $94.00 Spring ONLY permit 7 am to 3 am

(no overnight parking)

City of Knoxville parking meters White Ave, Lake Ave, 16th St, 18th St, 19th St, Clinch Ave 30 cents an hour READ meter carefully for restrictions – such as 30- minute, 2-hour, 10-hour, etc. Reminder – these are City of Knoxville meters and any fines will be paid to the city.

Here is how each option shakes out:

  • Perimeter Commuter Permit is the most cost effective but you would be a little farther to class
    • Sorority Village Express T bus across street from PC3 UT Culinary Institute
  • Vol Hall Garage hourly parking is most convenient if you are ONLY on campus for the one class
  • $5 Daily Permit parking is convenient and more affordable if you will be on campus for an extended amount of time on that specific day
  • Commuter Permit is convenient and makes financial sense if you are also involved in activities, clubs, plan to be on campus to use the library, or need access to labs outside of class