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Accessible/Handicapped parking for football games

  1. Season Ticket parking permit holders
    1. Assigned to a specific parking area
    2. If you park in Area 65 on the Ag campus the ONLY Accessible Shuttle that will drop you off and at Gate 21 at Neyland Stadium leaves from the Business Incubator Building (see yellow star above)
    3. The Fixed-route Football Shuttle picks up on Joe Johnson Dr ONLY and  drops guests at Circle Park (a 3 block walk down a hill) (see green star above)
  2. Public Accessible/Handicapped parking (150 spaces)
    1. First-come, first-served
    2. Approximately 150 spaces
    3. A football parking pass is not required; however, a valid accessible parking placard or license plate is required
    4. Accessible Shuttle picks up at Business Incubator Building ONLY and drops at Gate 21 (see yellow star above)
    5. The accessible bus is smaller than the fixed-route bus
  3. Once the Ag campus Accessible Public Parking is FULL we have exhausted our supply and will refer guests to the Knoxville Civic Coliseum:
    1. The Civic Coliseum provides accessible parking and shuttle to Gate 21
    2. There is NO fee for the parking and a $10.00 shuttle service from the Coliseum to campus
    3. Visit Civic Coliseum Parking