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Construction, repairs, and improvement announcements

Below is a listing of projects which may impact parking and mobility around campus. The newest project will be at the top of the list:

S23 at Steam Plant S21 at Pratt closed for WWE Sept 16 18 2021

S25 Andy Holt Ave entrance closed Aug 30 and 31

TRECs parking area closed Sat Aug 28 and Sun Aug 29 Vol is a Verb

Aug 28 and 29 Neyland Stadium window washing

S23 at Music lot closed Fri Aug 20 to Sun Aug 22, 2021

S12 Electric Work at Dunford Horseshoe – May 25, 2021

S9 Paving Peyton Manning Pass starting May 24, 2021

Lower and Estabrook emergency closure for steam line repairs May 18-21 

CF Wi-Fi installation May 2021

Wi-Fi Expansion impact Food Safety parking S65

S23 parking at Music closed May 8 2021 cleaning and painting

S66 parking at Vet Hospital closed May 9 2021 cleaning and painting

Apr 2021 to April 2022 Joe Johnson Dr lane closure CVM Teaching and Learning

April 6 2021 S12 Crane at Greve, Dunford, and Henson for roof work at Greve

Feb 2021 S7 lot at Perkins gutter repair

Feb 2021 to Jan 2024 UTIA S65 closure of small section for Ellington demolition

Nov 30 to Dec 5 Andy Holt Ave temp closure paving, curbs, crosswalks 

Nov 30 – Dec 4 N5 parking area closure water main replacement between Carricks, Orange, and White Halls

Nov 4, 9, 10 2020 S65/66 parking spaces closure furniture delivery Surge Bldg

October 5, 2020 S65 parking area next to Pendergrass permanent closure for CVM Teaching and Learning Center expansion

Sept 16 and 17 2020 S80 Parking area cleaning and painting

Sept 4, 2020 for a few weeks – S7 small lot at Perkins window replacement

June 4 to August 16 Staff 5 parking under Gate 10 ramp closed Jumbotron Speaker Replacement

January 2020 Andy Holt Ave permanent closure from Ped Walkway to Pat Head Summitt St

January 13-17 closure Francis St (between White and Morrill) for Morrill demolition

January 2020 until further notice – Andy Holt Ave 20th to Frances St closure for water main replacement

July 22-26 Volunteer Hall Garage (G15 and Visitor Parking area) painting and upgraded lighting

May 28 S7 at boathouse closed at 5pm for cleaning and painting

May 28 S12 small parking area west of Hess Hall off Melrose cleaning and painting

May 18-19   S60 Parking lots nearest Ceramic Annex cleaned and painted

May 13-17  S30 near Andy Holt Tower 25 spaces closed for filling cracks and sealing