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Parking reminders for residential students (non-commuters)

We have important reminders and updates for you regarding parking for the fall 2017 semester.



  1. MAKE SURE you are parking in the correct area. Parking enforcement was adjusted to accommodate move-in, but this has ended and many of you need to move your car to the correct area.
  • Volunteer Blvd G-16 Garage (next to Stokely Hall) – N permits on levels 3, 4 and 5 ONLY
  • Lake Ave Garage (enter off Terrace St only) – N permits on levels 4, 5, and 6 ONLY
  • White Ave Garage – N4 areas only


  1. I got back to campus late, where am I going to park?
  • N 10, 11, and 12 – Surface lots on Lake Ave where it meets Volunteer Blvd (west side of campus)
  • CFN1 located on the Ag campus in front of Food Sciences – If you return late at night and are unable to find parking in an N garage or surface lot, there are always spaces available in this lot.


Concerned about getting back to your residence hall?

  • Call the T:Link service at 974-4080 or from a campus blue phone
    • OR you can use the TransLoc App and request the bus on-demand
  • The T:Link will pick you up and assist you in getting where you need to go.



You must display a current VALID parking permit to park at UT.

Hang tag has not yet arrived – What do I do?

  1. Display your temporary 14 day permit (if still within 14 days from purchase date)
  2. If you cannot find your permit, please come to Parking & Transit Services to receive a courtesy permit
  3. If the temporary permit is about to expire, please also come to our office for an extended courtesy permit.



Follow UTKParking on Twitter for updates on construction, concerts, events, and how they impact mobility on campus


p.s. At the beginning of the school year we have people parking in N spaces (especially in garages) who do not live in UT housing. The first week or two you may see Parking Enforcement quite often. Our team patrols campus to make sure that those of you who paid and have a VALID N parking permit (actually live in UT housing) – have a space to park!





Parking changes for Non-Commuters for 2017

Non-Commuter (UT Housing) Students

Fall 2017 Parking changes for Non-Commuters

  1. Lake Ave Garage has Non-Commuter on levels 4-6
  2. N12 is where C11 was last year
  3. Renumbered the lots N 10, 11, 12
  4. Volunteer Blvd Garage – Levels 3 is now only Non-Commuter (there is no Commuter parking on this level)



We have a large number of surface lots that may be your backup if you get back to a garage late at night and you cannot find parking.

Fall 2017 Changes for Staff Parking

Changes for Fall 2017 Faculty/Staff Parking

Here is the slideshow of the changes: 2017 Fall Parking changes for Staff

  1. Additional Staff 12 spaces have been designated along Caledonia Ave
  2. Staff 9 and Staff 23 have lost on-street parking on Volunteer Blvd from Natalie Haslam to Circle Park
  3. Staff 9 gained the lot behind Nursing which was C20
  4. A small section of commuter parking in the White Ave Garage on Level 2 West has been converted to Staff 12 parking to address increased demand with the opening of Strong Hall

Parking Changes for Fall 2017 for Commuters

Here are the changes for Fall 2017 for Commuter Parking

Slideshow-where are changes: Fall 2017 Parking changes for Commuters

  1. Campus
    1. Volunteer Blvd garage G16 will have 2 levels of commuter parking (Levels 1 & 2)
    2. Commuter parking area in the Lake Ave Garage will be on levels 1-3
    3. The C-11 lot off Lake Ave & Vol Blvd is now N-12
    4. There will be Commuter parking in GF-2, GF-3 & GF-4 along Todd Helton Dr (M-F 7am-5pm)
    5. C20 at Nursing has been converted to a Staff 9 lot to make up for the loss of Staff 9 on-street spaces along Volunteer Blvd
    6. A small section of commuter parking in the White Ave Garage on Level 2 West has been converted to Staff 12 parking to address increased demand with the opening of Strong Hall
  2. Overflow for Ag campus
    1. C22 at Volunteer and Todd Helton
    2. Hidden lot – Commuters can park in the LOWER Lot at the UT Visitors Center
    3. C permits will be honored in N-12 at Lake Ave & Volunteer Blvd West
  3. Commuter Parking Tips:
    1. Parking garages such as G16, G10, 11th St & White Ave fill early during peak times
    2. Alternates – try a surface lot
      1. GF-2, GF-3 & GF-4 along Todd Helton Dr (M-F 7am-5pm)
      2. C1 by Baseball stadium
      3. C7 located between Terrace & Caledonia
      4. C15 off Neyland Dr – across from the Boathouse
      5. C22 at Volunteer Blvd and Todd Helton
      6. SC40 at the Kingston Pk Bldg.

Phillip Fulmer Way Wed Aug 16 – Paving, Orientation, and Traffic Signal


Phillip Fulmer Way from Cumberland Ave south to Middle Dr will be closed on Wednesday August 16th for paving
(This is the section east of the new Student Union)

After the paving is complete – the refreshed Phillip Fulmer Way will once again become two way traffic.


Orientation will also hold their last two sessions this week on Wednesday August 16th (250 attendees) and Thursday August 17th (130 attendees). The arrival time is 7 am and we plan for the new students to be in the registration line early. Hopefully, this will not have a significant on staff arriving for work.

Traffic Signal

After the morning arrivals, the traffic signals at Lake Loudon Blvd and Phillip Fulmer Way will be removed to enable a 120 foot long trailer enter campus and proceed to Chamique Holdsclaw Dr to unload the next piece of equipment. Please do not enter the Chamique Holdsclaw Dr to behind the Baseball stadium while this is being installed. Pat Head Summitt St south of the Health Ctr and the parking within the Baseball stadium fence will also not be accessible on Wednesday.

Parking for 2017 Student Move-In

The phone is ringing off the hook — Where do parents park after unloading the students during move-in?

The first answer is – Please follow UT Police instruction and direction

Here are the suggestions from Parking & Transit on the parking areas closest to most of the residence halls

  • C7 Commuter lot – located off Terrace Ave
  • Lake Ave garage – also located off Terrace Ave – please use the commuter levels 1-3
  • West Campus garage at Volunteer Blvd and Andy Holt is a 3rd option

AVOID Lake Loudon and Phillip Fulmer intersection Wed Aug 16th 11 am – 1 pm

The upgrade of the UT substation continues south of Chamique Holdsclaw Dr on Wednesday, August 16th.

The intersection of Lake Loudon Blvd & Phillip Fulmer Way will be severely impacted to bring onto campus a 120 foot trailer with the next piece to be installed.

Utility Substation Delivery Aug 12 Road closures

Wednesday, August 16

Project: Utility Substation off Chamique Holdsclaw Drive

120 foot long truck delivering the structure. In addition, crane and other equipment will be on site.

No Parking

  • Todd Helton Drive behind baseball stadium
  • Chamique Holdsclaw Drive
  • Lower Hudson (parking lot inside baseball fence)
  • Lot C10 on Pat Head Summitt Street

Note: S28 is not scheduled to close, but you may not be able to exit when you need or want.


  • Morning arrivals: Orientation (250) and Staff
  • After rush: Traffic signal is removed at Lake Loudoun and Phillip Fulmer Way (UTPD on hand to direct traffic)
  • After 11 a.m.: 120 foot truck arrives
  • Following work, traffic signal is replaced at Lake Loudoun and Philip Fulmer Way

On Saturday, August 12th, the first trailer, which was 165 feet long, arrived with the new building. You can watch the footage of the arrival of the truck on Saturday to see the impact it will have on Wednesday.

Sat Aug 12 – Where you CANNOT park due to Utility work

Utility Substation Delivery Aug 12 Road closures


  • Chamique Holdsclaw Dr
  • C10 parking on Pat Head Summitt St
  • Todd Helton Dr behind baseball
  • The parking lot (Lower Hudson) INSIDE the baseball fence


Staff 28 is NOT scheduled to close BUT you may not be able to leave when you want or need to.

Crane and trucks will also impact Phillip Fulmer Way in front of Thompson Boling and the Lake Loudoun intersection.


What is happening:

Where you CANNOT park on Saturday August 12th


Where you can park

Graduate Student Parking

Graduate students are classified as students by the University of Tennessee, so the permit that is applicable is a student permit. (

  • Commuter – If you are NOT living in UT student housing ($188)
  • Non-Commuter – If you ARE living in UT student housing ($294)
    (i.e. Laurel Hall or Volunteer Hall)

Online link:

You will need this information when you purchase your permit:

  • NetID and password
  • Credit card or access to MyUTK
  • License plate number
  • License plate registration expiration date
  • Make, model, year, and color of the vehicle(s) you will be driving to campus

At the end of the transaction – PRINT the temporary permit to place on your dashboard until your hang tag arrives

Commuter parking is allowed from 6 am to 3 am

No overnight privileges with this permit

Special Note:

Accessible parking permit are sold at Parking & Transit office – located at 2121 Stephenson Dr off Neyland Dr and Joan Cronan Way (proceed up the street and the office is across the RR tracks)

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