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Departmental Orange Dot Parking Permits

Orange Dot permits are designed to help departments conduct departmental business and should only be used for short periods to temporarily access alternate locations.

  • NEW for 2022-23 – Orange Dot Parking Permits are now $150.00 each
  • A request needs to be submitted for each department that is paying for permits. Only one account number and GL code is allowed on each request.
  • Orange Dots may not be used on a regular basis to alter allocated parking assignments.
  • Orange Dots may only be used for parking in unreserved staff areas (these are NOT allowed Circle Park, timed parking spaces, loading zones, etc)
  • Orange Dot Parking Permits are only valid if accompanied by a current parking permit
  • Orange Dot Parking Permits are non-refundable and not prorated

2022-23 Orange Dot Parking Permit Request

Request form for department use (not individuals) to purchase Orange Dot Parking Permits

Please indicate your College or Division
What is the name of the department? Please do not use abbreviations.
Indicate the departmental account number, only one account # can be used on each request
GL# (The GL Code for this transaction is 446600 and may not be any other code)
Contact Name(Required)
Please enter a number from 1 to 100.
# of Orange Dot permits needed
Please indicate who is authorized to pick up and sign for the permits. (Several requestors have been unable to pick up the permits in person and we need to know who is authorized to sign for these permits.)