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NEW Affordable Noncommuter Parking option

We are introducing a new more affordable option for residential students – Perimeter Noncommuter parking.

Perimeter parking is located on the edge of campus and a more affordable way to park on the UT Knoxville campus.

The PN Parking Permit is ONLY $100.00 for the whole academic year and is on sale at Parking & Transit Services, 2121 Stephenson Dr, Mon-Fri from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The new Perimeter Noncommuter parking area is located at the Kingston Pike Building near Cumberland Ave. This gravel lot has lights and at night the T Link can bring students back to their residence hall.

This lot is meant for students who will be NOT be frequently using their car. Those who will probably move it 3 times over the year – Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

In addition, N permit holders who cannot find another place to park may park in this lot and take the nighttime T Link bus back to their dorm.