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Estabrook closure Dec 18 to Jan 8

Estabrook Drive is temporarily closed from the Tickle Bridge to Cumberland Ave.

The scheduled re-opening of this project is January 8, 2019.

As many of you know, our usual procedure is to provide advance notice on these projects. However, in this case there was uncertainty about when the project would start and exactly how it would impact Estabrook so we could not share with you any details in advance.

View map here:

What does this mean:
1. Estabrook Road closed from Tickle pedestrian bridge to Cumberland Ave

2. Tee Martin Drive will remain open

3. Traffic on Lower Drive will be two-way traffic

4. Deliveries to Dougherty and Ming Kao need to be coordinated in advance

5. The access gate on Middle Way Drive will be open to allow for traffic mobility