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Chiller construction project at Claxton Jan 30-Mar 15 rev 2-8-17

Starting Monday January 30, the cooling system at Claxton will begin maintenance on the cooling system and new materials installed. This project is expected to last until March 15.

This will impact staff who park in S9 Margaret Alley.  The construction company will need a number spaces to set up materials and a trailer. Maintenance staff from the Parking & Transit department will monitor the project to minimize the number of spaces needed to complete this work.

Like the Chiller project at Hodges in January, there will be an extremely large crane on campus to lift the materials. That crane is scheduled to go up on Feb 13 (NOW Feb 17) and come down on Feb 27. On those mornings only, Margaret Alley is planned to be closed from 5 am to 9 am


Schedule for activities

Phase 1           January 30 to February 12 – trailers and steel material delivery

Phase 2           February 17 from 5 am to 9 am (ALL of Margaret’s Alley S9 impacted)
                         Set up crane, dumpster and materials

Phase 3           February 17 to 26 – construction

The following will be CLOSED:

  1. Many parking places in S9 Margaret Alley will be closed for the crane
  2. The drive lane between the chiller building and the parking spaces will be closed

The following will be OPEN:

  1. S9 (MAIN lot) is not anticipated to be impacted
  2. S9 will be honored in G10 for the duration of the project
  3. The drive lane on the other side of the chiller building is expected to be open so traffic can flow from one end to the other

Phase 4           February 27 from 5 am to 9 am (ALL of Margaret’s Alley S9 impacted)
                         Take down crane

Phase 5           February 23 to March 15 – Final construction, removal of materials and dumpster

Claxton Chiller Project Parking Impact Jan 30-Mar 15_2017

As of Feb 8, 2017 (will update if there are dramatic changes to schedule)